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The future of glasses is here!

The mgeek glasses are the best computer glasses so far. They are moulded from melanin, not coated.

If you are looking for eyewear to protect you from computer monitor, this is the best choice. Our blue light blocking computer glasses have a wide viewing area, and a patented filter alignment technology.

mGeek glasses remove the blue light from your screen to block the digital eye fatigue! You will see greater color contrast, more natural skin tones, and better balanced light.

They are designed to be worn all day long comfortably whether you work, study, watching movies or drive.

Lightweight and comfortable, these sophisticated looking glasses fit all readers.

Mobile professional? Computer player? Movie fan?

You need our new on market mgeek glasses.

With the highest quality and most advanced lenses on the market, the mgeek is sure to please.

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